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ATA- Advocacia Tejo & Associados law firm provides national and international legal assistance in the most diverse branches of law. With a team of Brazilian and foreign lawyers, under the direction of Dr. Maria Marlinda Lima de Souza Tejo, graduated from the Cândido Mendes Faculty of Law, with several specialization courses in the criminal, family, tax and international law areas.

A Highly Specialized Team

In our permanent staff we have specialized lawyers, some working directly abroad.
We also have an economist and consultant focused on assisting foreign business in Brazil.



    Ata Tejo e Associados provides opinions on legislation and diverse administrative standards; Legal advice on structuring commercial business and corporative organizations; Process accompaniment; Accompaniment of national and foreign businessmen in international business negotiations, and also in preparing international agreements, joint ventures, international litigations and arbitration; On foreign trade tax; On tax obligation debtor; On import tax; On import tax exemptions or reductions; Tax Immunity, etc.; On export tax; On special tax exemption cases, continued occupation, extradition, expulsion, inheritances, commercial agreements, collections, foreign trade, international organism representation, jurisdictional cooperation and assistance, preparation of opinions, foreigners' employment, arbitration, international environmental law.

  • Consultancy and Analysis of International Agreements, mergers, incorporation, commercial representation. Advisory services in search and seizure of goods, title execution, stay of execution, etc. Advisory services in international matters, application for stay, extradition; ratification of foreign judgment, execution of letter rogatory, opening of domestic companies. Advisory services in the purchase and sale of real estate. Opening of domestic companies. Advisory services to foreign companies wanting to establish business in Brazil, whether by associating with local partners or independently. Assistance to foreign companies on their activities in Brazil. Rendering of advisory services on taxes and on any subjects of the Brazilian

  • Applications to stay, Expulsion and extradition, Judgment ratification, International agreements, Companies and bankruptcies, Marriage, divorce, Foreigner's alimony, shared custody, International Treaties and covenants in Constitutional International Law, International adoption; environmental law, international litigation. Foreigners' Statute, unfair possession of minor, international sequestration of minor (Hague Convention), Foreign Sentence Homologation.

  • Arbitration agreement, Arbitration clause, Arbitral commitment, Recognition and execution of foreign arbitration reports, Arbitral award, UNIDROIT Principles.

  • Separation, divorce, stable union, alimony, custody and possession of minors, undue possession of minor by either binational parent, international minor kidnapping under the Hague Convention. Possession on behalf of unborn child, Paternity denying and investigation. Alimony, foreigner's alimony, paternity acknowledgement and paternity denying, Marriage cancellation / annulment Dissolution of implied partnership Action for dissolution and acknowledgement of stable union

  • Inheritance, Inventories and distribution of estate, Draft of estate distribution,Legal succession, Summary inventory and common inventory, Elective share's death during inventory, Wills, legacies, codicils, etc.

  • Drugs Law, Parole, Application for Conditional release, Habeas Corpus, Release from jail, Crimes against the National Financial System, Misappropriation, Swindle, Theft and robbery; environmental crime

  • Insurance and Reinsurance, Consumer Relations, Banking and Finance

  • Advisory services in preparation of financing, construction, purchase and sale contracts, and in mandatory adjudication field, adverse possession, Search and seizure of fiduciarily disposed of assets, Bond, loan for use, lease and extrajudicial auctions, construction, preparation of contracts, loan for use, possessory execution. Interpleas, Payment into court, Remission of pledge, Rendering of account, Demolition of condominium works, Division and demarcation of private lands, Repossession, petitioner action Judicial and extra judicial execution of securities, Rescission of rural leasing contract, etc. Compulsory action, Forgery action Paulina action, also designated as revocatory suit or fraud against creditors Damnum infectum suit, indemnification, mergers and acquisitions.

  • Trade agreements (including partnership agreements), Judicial collections, Bankruptcies and composition with creditors, Company opening, etc, Marine insurances (on evaluation of insured objects, collision caused damages, on the nature and classification of damages, judicial or extrajudicial execution suit, etc.) Consultancy, preparation of legal opinions Corporations and limited and unlimited liability companies, Articles of Incorporation, amendments and dissolution deeds of commercial and industrial companies. Preparation of Corporation By-Laws.

  • Clandestine import or export operations, Tax Misappropriation, Tax evasion crime, Tax preventive measure, Tax foreclosure action, Administrative proceeding, Stay of Execution, Procedural principles, Crimes against tax order, Crimes against the economy and consumption relations, Preparation of defense, and process accompaniment with the administrative agencies of the State Treasury Department and the State Revenue Service, Defense of tax notices related to federal, state and municipal tax debit

  • Applications to stay, Advisory Services and Consultancy Labor Claims Appeals in General, Judicial Defense Employment Contract Severance Indemnity Fund Consultancy and Advisory Services, company defense in labor claims


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Joycemar Tejo


Post Graduate in Public Law

Foto Maria Marlinda

Maria Marlinda Tejo


Post Graduate in:
International Law, Civil Procedure, Civil Procedure Law

Bernhard Ruidisch

Representative in Munich

Advocacy Support Europe

Robert Vogel

Economist, business consultant

Foreigners Consulting

Elisa Schimidt


Assistant to Drª Marlinda

Mariana Martins

Reception and Telephony


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CEP 20041-002 Rio de Janeiro



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